Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Grace in Small Things 34.365

1. Johnny Cash - Folsom Prison Blues Live at Folsom Prison

2. Living near family again come July or August or September

3. The happy squeaks of the piggies in their clean tank

4. The negative attention the cat seeks, thinking it will remind me that she should be fed

5. This conversation:

Paul: hey

Auto Response from me: cat for sale!

Paul: what make, model, and year?
me: extra wide/red tabby/2004ish
Paul: and the reason for sale?
me: she's too...helpful?
Paul: i dont get it
me: i might be lying.
Paul: about?
me: her helpfulness.
Paul: i see
Paul: hows the mileage?
me: welllll she's kind of a sunday driver.
me: so the mileage isn't so bad.
Paul: any sudden starts/stops?
Paul: sputtering?
me: only when it's chilly, and only once in awhile.
Paul: ok

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