Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cat Lady

Guys! I had my second day of volunteering at the animal shelter today. Want to meet some of the (adoptable!) cats that I worked with? Good!

This is Cinnamon. He's super cute, and adorably shy. After we cleaned his cage and put new papers down for him, he immediately rustled them around and hid underneath them. (The crazed puppy that was yapping nearby probably didn't help! :)

Isn't Phoenix gorgeous?? He's a very handsome guy who loved chasing the broom as I swept underneath his cage. He's a little shy, but I think he'd be a great pet for a family with older kids or maybe senior citizens.

I'm pretty sure that her face says it all.

Ok, I will spare you more cats...for now! :) More reports to follow, I'm sure!

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