Thursday, November 13, 2008

Light Box

Ok so...I've been using a light box (and I use the term loosely) that I made out of a cardboard box and tissue paper, and I'm still not really sure what I'm doing with the lights. My method of figuring things such as that out is to screw around, get mad that I don't know what I'm doing, and accept what I've come up with as the best I can do. I know, super productive, right?

Well, I've come across some websites (and a book that Dan has about photography), and I'm still not entirely sure what I'm doing. I don't have bright lights to use on the sides, so I've been using two like, bedside, adjustable lamps. Perhaps that is my first problem? I move them around to experiment with the shadows and such, but I'm still not super happy with the results. I also have a dinky little Kodak, but I'm hoping that that is not the problem since I cannot afford a nicer camera (even though I drool a little when I see them).

Any thoughts/suggestions would be great...I promise to actually read them and not just throw a temper tantrum. :)

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