Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Etsy Chat Team

Oof, sorry for the blog slacking. My parents were here for a week and I couldn't take pictures of my stuff, so I was highly unmotivated.


My light box arrived, and it is GLORIOUS. I got it from ThinkGeek, a website I could pretty much live at. The light box itself folds into a tiny little compartment in the bag that it comes with; I was worried that it would be super small, but it expands quite a lot when you unfold it! Somewhat unfortunately, it becomes about the size of the cube my cat loves to sleep in...She jumped into the light box twice within seconds of my opening it. I really hope she doesn't ruin this one, so I'm keeing it folded up (even though that means it's a bit wrinkly).

The lights that it comes with are also very handy; they have built-in stands, so it's very easy to position them. They are much brighter than the lamps I was using previously, so hopefully that will save me some editing work in Picasa!

In other Etsy-related news, I am now part of the Etsy Chat Team! I'm very excited to be part of a team, especially one with people I have already gotten to know and whose shops I truly love and admire. I'll be linking to these shops in a blog entry very soon, once I get myself a bit more organized!

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