Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Death Of My Light Box

Yeah so, the cat? She killed my lightbox. Siiiiiigh.

It was sitting on top of the three plastic drawers that hold a ton of my crafting stuff (uh, when I actually decide to put it away), along with two desk lamps that I used as my lighting source(s?). I went over to the dining room table to start working, and I noticed that both lamps were on the floor, one of them twisted and bent in an unfortunate manner. As I was fairly certain that I had not left them like that, I looked on top of the drawers and noticed that the lightbox was tilted and suspiciously covered in cat littler. She has ruined the poster board that went inside the box, as well as further distorted its shape. I sighed, admitted defeat, and threw it in the trash.

So! Now I am in the market for a new cardboard box. Anybody wanna help me out?

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