Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I always forget to add a title.

Between the beads I purchased at various bead stores in Jersey and the stuff my mom gave me, I have enough new materials to make approximately 8 bajillion new pieces of jewelry. Unfortunately, my desire to Organize My Apartment is sort of beating out my desire to bead. I am super excited about these beads I got at the Pitman bead store. They were handmade in Africa, and they are pretty shades of purple and brown. (It doesn't help that I am in a purple phase lately!) I hope that they set up their e-commerce site soon, because it's by far my favorite of the (relatively few) bead stores I've been to. I have to grab 5 or 6 bags when I enter and tell myself that I will only fill that many, or I'd walk out with beads from every bin in the store!

Another thing I got (inherited, really) that I'm excited to mess around with is different colored wire. I don't know how difficult it is to twist it around and make it look like I actually did something on purpose, but I'm hoping it'll be easier than I'm imagining. There are so many fun things I could do if it's not too hard to use!

So, hopefully I will be adding some new things to the shop very soon. I'm trying to focus on getting rid of some stuff in the apartment (as always!), and then perhaps the creative juices will return.

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